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November 1 Daylight Savings Ends

November 25 - 29 Thanksgiving Horsecamping at Joseph D. Grant Ranch in San Jose. Click to newsletter for details.


December 12 Holiday Party 1-4pm

Past Events

Saturday, October 31, Halloween Party

After the Parade and awards for prizes, the horses bobbed for apples, while food and drink was consumed by participants and audience alike. Participants made some costume changes, in order to better play games. We didn't take pictures of the games on horseback, but we started with the egg and spoon race and the ribbon race, followed by the rescue race. We included Musical Paddocks, and then Ride a Buck, which was actually a fake $100. bill. We had a wonderful time with adults and children having a great time. Here are some pictures of the costumes, and of the horses Bobbing for Apples. Sadly, not everyone stopped to pose for Julie Faisst, who was our photographer for the event.

September 2015 was busy with preparations for Fall, and the Dental Clinic, but we did fit in a fundraiser at the neighbor's to product the movie about MULE!

August included a Kristi Fredrickson Horsemanship Clinic on the 8th and 9th and a Karyn Shirley clinic on the 29 & 30th. Wedged between these was a Horsecamping Trip to Point Reyes. Tigger Wright achieved her USDF Silver Medal, too!

The Day of the Cowboy was our big event for July with a parade of breeds, presentation of the flag + riding and roping demonstrations. Roping contests happened at the Tree, followed by BBQ Potluck.

June's highlight was a Trail Ride led byChris kaldunski, right here at Hossmoor.

May 2nd was our Spring *** Dressage Show, followed by May 3rd and a Classless Dressage Schooling Show including Western Dressage & Eventing Dressage tests, too. There was also a Trail Work Party on the 16th!

April Began with a Clinic by Aristotle Ballou. The Big event was the Bombproofing Playday put on at Hossmoor by the Tri-Cities Horsemen's Association!

March started with a bang with a Mette Rosencrantz Clinic. After the Dental Clinc we had a Kristi Fredrickson Clinic. The 21st was our Bonfire Bash & Chili Cook-Off. It's gotten to be very, very popular, and competition for the winning chili is very stiff.
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