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Oct 22: Dr. O'Brien Vaccination Clinic


Nov 19: Boarders only Turkey Shoot
We shoot balloons and win a Thanksgiving Turkey!

Dec 10: Holiday Open House
Past Events

Saturday, October 31, Halloween Party

After the Parade and awards for prizes, the horses bobbed for apples, while food and drink was consumed by participants and audience alike. Participants made some costume changes, in order to better play games. We didn't take pictures of the games on horseback, but we started with the egg and spoon race and the ribbon race, followed by the rescue race. We included Musical Paddocks, and then Ride a Buck, which was actually a fake $100. bill. We had a wonderful time with adults and children having a great time. Here are some pictures of the costumes, and of the horses Bobbing for Apples. Sadly, not everyone stopped to pose for Julie Faisst, who was our photographer for the event.

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