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Sat 7/9: Trailer Training for Boarders Only, from 10 to Noon
Reserve with Hetty, cowgirlinc@earthlink.net,and send information for your horse's Passport to Felicity at msbuxton12345@yahoo.com. Each horse gets a stamp in their passport, for each trailer they enter and exit successfully! Lots of helpers, and cold drinks!

Sat 7/23: DAY of the COWBOY 5 PM - ?
We start with appetizers, and riding demonstrations; move to the tree for the roping contest with great prizes, and maybe more, and then dig into BBQ Tri Tip and a feast of dishes you-all bring to share.


S & S 8/6-7: Kristi Fredrickson Clinic Flyer

This is a four week course, with the first three dates being Saturday led rides. Begins with a short ride, with practice about tying to the trailer, rules for riding, getting you and your horse used to it. Taking a break on trail, with tying up, beginning of map reading, remounting, riding back, and checking in. Second ride is longer, and has steeper trail, other obstacle, more map reading, and participants pack a lunch. Third ride is longer still, and will include other obstacles and single-track trails, as well as a lunch break. Also included in this introduction is a Horse Camping Trip 8/26-28 to Stewarts Ranch in Pt. Reyes! It's catered (Fri dinner, Sat lunch, Sat dinner, and Sun lunch), but you will have to do breakfast yourself! Total cost for about 22 hours of instruction and help on trails and in camp is $450. and includes an instructor for every 3 or 4 riders. Your bridge tolls and $20. per night to Stewart Ranch not included in the fee. See info in Newsletter.

8/26-28: Horse Camp for our Boarders only
Those of you who trail ride, but have never camped can join us to learn and experience it in an easy way. First of all, it's catered, so that eliminates a lot of what you need to know and do to horse camp. you'll go on led rides, and have instruction and help in camp, to get you feeling comfortable about horse camping. Cost is $250.
Boarders who already know how to horse camp, and can be self-sufficient can trail ride on their own, and join us in camp for fun. Enjoy it more with us, gourmet food catered by Sher Hickerson. Cost is $130. per person. See info in Newsletter.


Sign up sheet will be in the Covered Arena. Begins at 9:00 am

This is a show with CLASSES, including USEA dressage classes, so there will be prizes and ribbons to First Place winners, and Ribbons to Sixth Place. Come ride, or volunteer, and join in the fun! Entry coming soon

Sat, 11/19: Turkey Shoot & Potluck, for Boarders, and guest, only
We don't shoot turkeys! We shoot balloons, and win frozen turkeys! Beginners need to come an hour early to take gun safety. Others an hour later. We end it by eating turkey, of course, and pot luck dishes you bring. Target shooting with .22s is a ton of fun, as you'll see.
Sat, 12/10: Holiday Get Together - details, later.
Past Events

Saturday, October 31, Halloween Party

After the Parade and awards for prizes, the horses bobbed for apples, while food and drink was consumed by participants and audience alike. Participants made some costume changes, in order to better play games. We didn't take pictures of the games on horseback, but we started with the egg and spoon race and the ribbon race, followed by the rescue race. We included Musical Paddocks, and then Ride a Buck, which was actually a fake $100. bill. We had a wonderful time with adults and children having a great time. Here are some pictures of the costumes, and of the horses Bobbing for Apples. Sadly, not everyone stopped to pose for Julie Faisst, who was our photographer for the event.

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