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June 27 & 28 Kristi Fredrickson Clinic Flyer


July 25 Day of the Cowboy
This event is for boarders and their friends and family. This year we begin with a Parade of Breeds. We have so many breeds of horses at Hossmoor, we thought it would be fun for the different breeds to be shown together. This will be followed by performances TBA, roping lessons and contest, and R.J.'s famous BBQ Tri Tip. It's a potluck, so BYOB and a dish to share and join the fun! Details in the July Newsletter.


August 13 - 16 Point Reyes Horsecamping Trip
Open to boarders only. Details in the newsletter

August 29 & 30 Karyn Shirley Clinic Flyer


September 19 "Classless" Schooling Dressage Show
Our famous "Classless" show offers Dressage, Eventing Dressage and Western Dressage tests. Instead of having to ride when your class rides, you tell us the time you want to ride and which tests. We confirm that, if it's still available. if not, we email to let you know the times that are available. You come, show, collect your blue ribbon (since you were in a class by yourself), and maybe a door prize, and you go home. Check back for entries which should be ready in July. Give us your email, and we will email you an entry form!

September 20 Cowboy Dressage Show
Yes, it's our first Cowboy Dressage Show. Email us, and we'll email you an entry form.

September 24 Dental/Vaccination Clinic for Boarded Horses

October 17 Vaccination Clinic for Boarded Horses
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